I’m Riley. Pleased to meet you.

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” – Mr. Magorium

peaceWhen I was a kid, my mom did not tolerate boredom. Whenever me or one of my siblings whined to her that we were bored, her response was always: “Being bored is an insult to yourself.”

While I absolutely hated that as a kid, it’s definitely something I never forgot. Since childhood, I haven’t stopped discovering or trying new things. My adventures have led to jumping out of planes, leading marketing at multiple startups, taking photos at the Olympic Games and World Cups, diving to the bottom of the ocean, and more.

I’ve taken those lessons both in and outside of the office and applied them to my career. I’ve spent 12+ years building brand voices through comprehensive marketing programs with an emphasis on content marketing, product marketing, visual brand, and corporate communications. I’ve worked in technology, health care, and sports, using my experiences and conversations to inform communications strategies. And while I’m a storyteller at heart, I’m not one to shy away from numbers: I’m passionate about blending data and experimentation with creative ideation and cross-functional collaboration to make campaigns with lasting impact. Want to hear more? Let’s talk.

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